AgoraSource is now Clearistic Technology

I founded AgoraSource back in 2006, at a time when Internet Explorer was the world’s dominant web browser (think about that…). These days, our company supports businesses with technology strategy and software development services. The AgoraSource of 2006, however, was a product company — an online marketplace, to be specific. Its goal was to connect open source (free software) developers with businesses who were increasingly relying on such products. At the time, companies wanted to use these exciting new products, but many had specific requirements that couldn’t yet be met. The AgoraSource marketplace was a crowdsourcing platform before the term was popular. For a variety of reasons, though, it didn’t gain traction.

Before too long, I found myself back in the startup world (but this time, it wasn’t my startup), helping to build teams, products, and businesses. AgoraSource (the entity) stuck around, and I would dust it off occasionally to do freelancing work.

In 2016, when I transitioned to independent work, the decision to reuse the AgoraSource name was not just to avoid extra paperwork. It was a pragmatic decision not to waste time and energy perfecting a brand, and it reflected my eagerness to get right into building software solutions (my favorite thing).

In the years since then, my team and I have supported a variety of businesses in many ways, and I’ve used that time to explore — to figure out what the “right” project looks like for us. In the meantime, the AgoraSource name has suited us fine.

Fast forward a few years, and we’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that have been tremendously energizing, as well as projects that maybe weren’t the best fit for us. I’m aware now that the “right” project is one in which my team and I can deliver a solution that is transformational for our client. We achieve this when we work with technologies we’re excited about and with people who make the work interesting. 

What we do best involves collaborating with our clients to define a technology vision, and then executing on that vision to bring it to life. We shine when developing bespoke line of business apps that drive efficiency and reduce waste; we build great web and mobile apps; and we can integrate almost anything.

And so the name Clearistic Technology was born. “Clear” to reflect the fact that we focus on building holistic, forward-looking technology roadmaps for our clients, and “Technology” because we do the nerdy stuff. But nerdy is OK. You want nerdy.

AgoraSource is now Clearistic Technology. We want to get the word out, and that’s a lot easier when the message is clear. We’re seeking organizations that need help realizing the transformational change that a well-executed technology strategy can make possible. When we do that, we get to continue doing what we love best. It’s a win-win.

For those of you who have been a part of the journey, thank you for your many years of support. We hope to connect with you soon.