Business Applications

We build scalable line of business applications that digitize, automate, and integrate your critical workflows from start to finish.

Our clients leverage custom line of business applications in order to...

Maximize staff productivity by automating tedious and repetitive tasks

Increase visibility into business operations

Improve accuracy and consistency of mission critical data


Organizations run on information, and it’s critical that this information flows smoothly between departments and staff. Does data move through your organization in a way that’s efficient, organized, and traceable? Or is it a jumble of emails and spreadsheets? 

We can help by mapping out your operations in order to build a “just right” workflow solution. Whether it’s a web app, a mobile app, or a solution leveraging existing tools, we’ll help empower your team to focus on their most important work.  


“If this, then that.” Or, a more concrete example: “When I receive an email from Carol, I update the spreadsheet.” Most people we talk to would love to get such tedious and repetitive tasks off their plate. Fortunately, there are many new and exciting tools to help us automate such well-defined tasks, so that you and your staff can focus on work that drives real value to your organization. 


With the widespread utilization of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products such as Microsoft Office 365 or Salesforce, you probably rely on multiple tools across multiple vendors to run your business. This can create information silos and make it difficult to get a clear, comprehensive view of your business operations. 

Good news – many of today’s products are designed with integration in mind, so it has become easier than ever to move information between systems and create a unified view of your data. 

How much will it cost to realize my vision?

With some background information, we can provide you with a high-level estimate for your project. Tap the button below to describe your project, and we’ll reach out to schedule a 30 minute call to discuss.


There’s something romantic about intuitive decision making, but research shows that data-driven organizations make better decisions. If you’ve invested the time and energy to capture and organize your data, let us help you extract meaningful insights through advanced reporting. 


Today’s businesses rely on a complex mesh of systems and services, and you can expect the occasional disruption (even Google has issues sometimes). Even with a backup plan in place, proactive monitoring and alerting are an important part of any line of business application. We want you to know about (and hopefully fix!) any issues before your customers do.